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‘Make your vote count’ by completing the ballot papers correctly on Saturday 21st May 2022

How to complete the Green Ballot Paper

 When you turn up at the Voting Place on Saturday 21st May 2021,  you will receive two ballot papers: a green one for the House of Representatives and a white one for the Senate.


On the green ballot paper, you will be voting for your preferred candidate and party for your electorate (in other words your region) who will represent your voice in parliament.

You need to number every box on the green ballot paper, placing a number 1, followed by the number 2, then 3 and so on until all boxes are numbered.

You must number every box on the green ballot paper.


How to complete the White Ballot Paper

Now, on the white ballot paper you will be voting for your preferred candidate or party representing the senate for your state or territory. You will be asked to fill out the section either what they call above the line, or below the line.

If you fill out the top section (in other words above the line) you will need to number at least 6 boxes,


Or below the line you must number at least 12 boxes


You can ask for help on the day.

Do not worry if you make a mistake. You can ask for another ballot paper and start again


If you need more information about the election visit the Australian Electoral Commission website


So, let’s get ready to vote at the Australian federal election on Saturday 21st May, 2022


Remember, it is your vote, it is your voice

Make sure you complete the ballot paper correctly to make your vote count.

For more information contact the Australian Electoral Commission or ask to speak to someone from the Vote Talk program

There are also podcasts and explanitory audios in different languages . Listen now :