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What is Vote Talk?

There is a no more important example of freedom and democracy than a citizen’s right to vote. This right provides a voice and allows for people to have a say about how their country, state and communities are governed.

But do you ever find yourself talking about elections with a group of friends, neighbours, work colleagues or members in your community and wish
you knew more about how it all works?  Have you ever thought.

” How does the government and parliament really work?

“What do I need at election time?

“Will my vote really make a difference in my community?

The Vote Talk Program aims to make elections and voting simple and easy for everyone to understand.

Through podcasts, community conversations and radio interviews in different languages, you will hear members of your community talk about elections, voting and how you can make sure your vote counts.

Who is it for?

Vote Talk is for any person, of any language or culture, of any age who wants to learn more about voting in NSW. 

To date we have had a number of cultural groups involved including;

Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Jump onto the ‘listen now’ page to hear the latest podcasts and conversations.

Using the power of ethnic and multicultural radio to learn more about making your vote count


About the partners

We are incredibly proud of the partnership with the NSW Electoral Commission. This project is about empowering our culturally diverse communities by providing them with information in a context and language which they understand. By doing so we empower them to make informed choices and decisions about voting in the NSW state election.

This partnership demonstrates that it is not just about delivering information. It is about delivering simple messages, in language,  using trusted voices, while harnessing the power of ethnic radio.

Mary Karras

Chief Executive Officer / Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW