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Are you ready to vote at the NSW State election?

Saturday, 25 March, 2023

Join the conversation and learn how to make your vote count at the next NSW State election

Let’s Get Election Ready


Listen to podcasts in different languages and find our what the top  tips and facts about voting that community members must know

Assistance and resources

Do you or someone you know need assistance with voting in the upcoming NSW Election? Get in-language assistance here.

Voting options

Can’t vote on the day?  Are there other options? Find out more.

Employment opportunities

Do you speak a second language?  Why not work for the NSW Electoral Commission during the election?

Find out how to register

Get election ready

Learn more about your electorate and be prepared for the next election

Check your enrolment details

Check the latest details and information online

Community involvement

Why not host your own Vote Talk conversations with your community, participate in an interview and much more

Levels of government and responsibilities

Learn more about who is responsible for different items such as trains, roads, schools, police or local parks.

Want to help your community understand how to vote?

Vote talk is about to roll out its second phase of conversations about voting in Australia and we are welcoming onboard the Bosnian, Gujarati, Nepali, Tamil, and Vietnamese community.

Get your community involvedBecome a Vote Talk bilingual facilitator


What people are saying about Vote Talk

“Our community members can only embrace Australian democracy when they feel their voice is valued and their input required.  Reactions of our participants convinced me that VoteTalk is not  just a talk – it’s also a chance for civic education, social integration, and information equity.  For our new citizens it’s saying “Welcome to Australia”.

VoteTalk participants surprised me with their attitude. Once they saw there is an official information source in their language, they were immediately emboldened with ideas of how and when they wish to vote.  Not knowing how to vote and how to choose for themselves have constricted their voice in Australia.

Votetalk has been that missing link between the CALD community and the Electoral Commission.”
Louie Leung

Cantonese Bilingual Educator

“I thought I knew everything I needed to know about elections but I decided to do the interview and try the Vote Talk quiz. I was proven wrong. There was so much more to it, and I now understand exactly how the decisions made by different levels of government affect me and my family. Be part of the podcast. Its a great experience.” 


Vote Talk participant

“The vote talk program is very important for our audience, especially those who are voting for the first time, to understand the process in Australia and how to make their vote count and avoid any chance of their vote being lost or voided.”

Manal Al-Ani

Producer - Arabic Program, SBS Radio

“We are absolutely thrilled the Vote Talk  program has been so warmly received by the community.

 It’s an incredibly important program, and we have been very happy to support this at our libraries and to work with a brilliant organisation like yours to make it happen for our community.”

Jennifer Noorbergen

Senior Coordinator Library Programs And Marketing, City of Ryde