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We are excited to announce that we have once again partnered with the Electoral Commission of Australia (AEC) to host conversations with culturally diverse communities about making your vote count in the next Australian federal elections.

Vote talk is a simple and effective way to inform communities from culturally diverse backgrounds about the voting process  in Australian Federal elections.

Conversations in 12 languages about making your vote count

The program is designed to provide easily accessible information in 12 languages for people who speak languages other than English. The aim of Vote Talk is to provide accurate, impartial information about voting, and  the voting process in Australian Federal Elections.  The website provides podcasts in language with additional versions of what is being said on air during their radio broadcasts. It offers easy access to the most up-to-date election news for all Australians.  With over 400 languages spoken in Australia, this makes it possible for everyone with internet access or listening to radio to become  informed about Australia’s democracy by having their say at the ballot box.

Vote Talk will reach over 130,000 listeners each week through its podcast and radio series. The podcasts will be uploaded and available from the Vote Talk website or on the participating radio station Facebook pages, listed on the Vote Talk website.

The ECCNSW CEO, Ms. Mary Karras, said the ECCNSW  is committed to encouraging people who speak a language other than English to become more involved and aware of election processes and making sure their vote counts.

“The ECCNSW is very pleased to support the AEC by initiating Vote Talk. The Commission is looking for new and innovative ways to engage with people who are eligible to vote but don’t, due to various language and cultural barriers. The ECCNSW communication strategy and outreach model will reach over 12 CALD community groups, across NSW and  be heard over radio broadcasts linked across the country” Ms. Karras said.

“Having a conversation about voting and the voting process in your own language is something many of our culturally diverse communities will benefit from  , so we’ve partnered with the AEC, and ethnic radio programs to host these podcasts” said Ms Karras.

The Vote Talk Project Manager , Mrs. Terrie Leoleos, believes conversations in your own language, amongst your own community, being broadcast live on radio, is an incredibly powerful tool, when aiming to reach  the boarder community.

The first Vote Talk podcast have begun. we are spending the next two months meeting with the community and recording conversations about the voting processes and the significance of having the freedom to  vote.  Once these recordings are completed and edited, they will be loaded onto the Vote Talk website beginning September 2021.  An additional 7 languages will accompany the current line up with new podcast hosts from 7 new languages. The website will feature podcasts in over 12 languages including: English, Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Nepali, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, Vietnamese, and podcasts for the Aboriginal community.

“These podcasts are just one of the ways we are  encouraging people to become more involved with Australia’s democratic system. Making your vote count and feeling confident about how to fill out the ballot papers is the first step,” Mrs. Leoleos said.

The podcasts will be available on via the Vote Talk website, from September 2021

In addition to the podcasts in 12 languages the website features translated materials, fun quizzes and top 10 tips on how to make your vote count at the next federal election, and so much more.

For more information contact the Vote Talk program at the Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW, telephone (02) 93190288 or email us at [email protected]


Media contact: Terrie Leoleos, Vote Talk Project Manager, [email protected], mobile 0427 301 682